Key Questions to Help You Choose Between a Solar Heater, Heat Pump or Gas Heater

Investing in a pool heating system is one of those decisions where the only regret is: "why didn't we do this sooner?"

Indeed, this is because a pool heating system re-invents your pool and gives you a new world of options. Feel like an early morning or late-night swim? How about hosting a fun pool party with a few (or maybe many!) family members and friends? Or perhaps you're searching for a healthy activity for the kids that is both incredibly convenient and remarkably affordable?    

With a pool heating system, you can do ALL of the above — and more! — throughout the year. You're no longer at the mercy of Mother Nature and Old Man Winter. You're in control, which not only improves your quality of life, but gives you more usage and value from your pool. It's all reward, and no risk.

The next step is to decide what kind of pool heating system is best for your family: a solar heater, heat pump, or gas heater. To help you make a smart and rewarding choice, here are some key questions and answers:

If the only time you enjoy swimming is when the sun is shining bright, then a solar heater might be ideal for you. If you'd like the option to swim at night, or when it's cloudy/overcast, then you'll be better off with either a heat pump or a gas heater, since neither of them derive energy from solar power (heat pumps use electricity, gas heaters use gas).

If it's very important for you to set your pool at a consistent temperature — similar to how you can set the temperature in your home or car — then a heat pump is the way to go. You'll have precise temperature control throughout the year.

If you want the option to jump in the pool within an hour or two (depending on the size of your pool), then a gas heater is the best choice. Alternatively, a heat pump usually needs about 24 hours to warm things up, and a solar heater can take 24-72 hours.

A heat pump, gas heater and solar heater are all designed to run quietly, and you don't have to worry about annoyed neighbors! However, if nearly-silent operation is a priority, then your best bet is a solar heater.  

A well-designed and professionally-installed heat pump, gas heater and solar heater will all run efficiently. However, it should be no surprise to learn that a solar heater has the lowest environmental impact.     
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We hope that the information above helps you get a clearer sense of which pool heating system is right for your family: solar heater, heat pump or gas heater.

To learn more and for expert guidance based on your needs, goals and budget, contact the Harriman's team today. Your consultation with us is free. We will help you re-invent your pool so that your family and guests can enjoy it year 'round. As we said, it's all reward and no risk!    

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